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Monocular Telescope - Dark Gray

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  • 12X50 High Power Magnification Get a high-quality image of 12X closer, also a 50mm objective lens provides you with a wider-field of view. 
  • High-Quality Optics: With BAK-4 prism and FMC lens, light transmittance reaches up to 99.5%, delivering more light to the view. It reduces chromatic aberration and ghost images, giving you a clearer, brighter, and more colorful view.
  • Single Hand Focus: Lightweight (0.61 pounds, only about 2 battery D) makes it more comfortable to use with only one hand, both hold and adjust focus. Also, the durable rubber armor with stripes offers a slip-free grip, avoid those unnecessary accidents.
  • Waterproof & Fog Proof:  IPX7 Nitrogen-Filled Waterproof, allow you to see the world also in wet/rainy weather. O-ring sealed optics and the fog-resistant coating prevent the lens from dust or moisture, keep the view clear all the time.

Customer Reviews

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Great for bird watching

I actually bought this for a trip out west. I wanted to get some good views of the Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde without toting around a heavy pair of binoculars. In the meantime, I decided to test it out on the bird feeder in our back yard. I took this shot of a woodpecker through the kitchen window from about 50-60 feet away. I'm sure the pics will get better once I get more adept at using the camera attachment. It's fairly light, arrived quickly, and pretty simple to use. The camera attachment seems a bit cumbersome to use and there is no room for it or the tripod in the storage bag. I would have been really nice to have some kind of mobile storage for them as well. Regardless, I'm looking forward to using it on my trip.

Quality and value

This is a really high quality optical Monocular. The device has caps for both ends, and is super simple to use. The rubberized outside is easy to grip, and the little tri-pod it comes with is super handy and is collapse-able.I recommend anyone to purchase this device, its simplicity and quality are all you need. Especially at this price...to be honest I wasn't expecting much based on how much cheaper than others this is, but am pleasantly surprised. It comes with the tri-pos, wipes, and a material black case that in fits into nicely.The ability for it to have plastic eye-piece coverting twist in and out, for use with glasses or not, is very handy. Quality item for a basement price.Big thumbs up.

Great buy!

It’s been well made and heavy duty. It's great for wide animal watching. The optics are very clean. It comes with it's own tripod and can also be used with other tripods. It comes with adaptors and a nice carry case with a belt loop so it's easy to carry when out in the field. Five star.

Sturdy, well build, clear, and easy to use.

I'm impressed. I got the phone connected to the device (I have a Galaxy Note 9 with a bumper/case, made it a bit tricky to get on. Without the case was easier) and aligned it with my camera, focused and was amazed at the quality.I took a picture of the across my street towards a building in Midtown. After I zoomed in on the building and a window of an apartment across the street from me. Hopefully the images will give you a good perspective of the difference. Also note, these picture were all taken WITHOUT my phone digital zoom.

awesome spy glass, clear, light weight, one hand use

Pros:* Lightweight - it replaced the heavy binoculars that I used for years.* Easy Access - it comes with a soft case with a loop which I attached to my belt* Comfortable - I wore it at my hip all day long and didn't even notice it* One Hand Use - just detach velcro cover on soft case cover, remove the rear cover, take out monocular, flip the front cover down, hold it up to your dominant eye, and adjust the viewfinder with a finger until you get a crystal clear view* Price - I only paid $29.99 and got to use a 5% off coupon, and it comes with Prime shipping* Value - comes with soft case, phone holder, tripod, and cloth glass cleaner* Attachments - (1) camera attachment, removing my phone cover made it easier to use; (2) tripod, simple* Front Cover - flips down and flips up for storage. right on the monocularCould be Improved:* Rear Cover - unlike like the front, the rear cover isn't attached and doesn't just flip down and back up. I ended up putting that cover in my pocket so it wouldn't get lost. There is a loop on the rear cover so I will eventually string it to the monocular somehow.* Soft Case - too small to hold everything that comes with the monocular package but perfect for just the mono. `Not a big deal to me as I bought a hard case to hold everything for travel and storage.Delivery Time - even with Prime (usually 2 days shipping), it took 7 days to arrive. Again, it's not a big deal because I live in Hawai'i so slow delivery is expected.Overall:* I use the mono to spy along the shore for fish and other sea life like Hawaiian monk seals and green sea turtles and it worked perfectly. Now, I keep it in my truck so it's ready for all of my adventures!* This is my first monocular and it's worth 10x what I paid for it.* I love this thing and highly recommend it!

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