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50 Feet LED Strip Lights

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  • Customized Strip Lights: DIY mode, selecting the color you like, then add the mode changing to suit the needs of different scenarios. The Diy length can be cut between every 3-beads according to your needs, the package is equipped with connectors.
  • Smart App Led Lights: 16 million colors can be chosen along with 29-dynamic modes.
  • Music Sync LED Strip Lights: The built-in high sensitivity microphone syncs with any music coming out of the speaker.

Customer Reviews

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These lights are AMAZING.Remote Control:I really like the remote control's size and functionality. My 6yr old was able to handle the remote easily. The labels on the remote are clear and readable. The buttons respond quickly when pushed.Brightness:I honestly was hoping for the lights to be a bit brighter but the kid is happy with the brightness; lights are for him not me.Instructions:After reading the instructions and seeing all the things that can be done with these lights I'm sure these things will entertain him for HOURS! He's super excited about the lights. We are pleased. I feel the cost was right on par for what we got. Would recommend for everyone.

Works great as expected

I used these around the inside of a window for my kids as a nightlight. They love it. Easy enough for them to use with the remote (3 & 7 year olds). Works exactly as expected, installation was easy, came with everything I needed including mounts to hang around the window. Really cool and inexpensive kit to use for anything indoors. Arrived quickly, no real issues with it at all.I do recommend buying separate mounts that can be screwed into the window frame if that's how you intend to use it - keeps the lights from drooping in the middle and it eliminates the need to rely on the existing adhesive.

Super bright and easy to put together!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. These are super neat! All can connect to each other or separately to one port! They are super bright and light up a room! The picture doesn’t do it justice. I’ve included a short video to show how the lights work. They easily roll back up into a container and then can be stored for that next party! I’m very satisfied with this purchase! I have three young kiddos and they’ve all given their “awes” about the product! A great party light or even a night light, if you will! I highly recommend!

neat addition to a bedroom!

I received my Lights last Monday. Super easy to install due to them having sticky tape on the back side of the light strip. Very bright and have a decent selection of colors. The remote that It comes with is a cheap piece of garbage. none of the colors on the remote match to what color is on the light. that can be overlooked if download the app to control the lights from your phone. the App allows all of the colors to be accessed and you can put a custom timer on the lights with a decent interface. my only complaint is the Smell the adhesive gave off after I installed them. thankfully the smell was gone in about 3 days. I say these are worth the $28 I paid

Amazing Value and Results

Honestly amazed at the value of this product. I was worried that for the price, the adhesive may be cheap or that the lighting would be dull or limited. I am happy to say that this is not the case at all. The adhesive went on easily and did not lose its stick anywhere along the wall, and the color can be adjusted to be bright enough to light the room by itself. I was able to wrap the lights around the entire perimeter of my bedroom and still had a roll and a half to spare. The app is easy to use and opens up a lot of added customization, which only adds to the value of this product. Installation was very very simple and I was able to cut it to the exact length I wanted. Also included was a few cable organizers, corner junctions, and extra connectors. The organizers I was able to use to help the cord from outlet to lightstrip fit very nicely, and I'm sure for more complicated Installations the other extra accessories would be very helpful. 10/10 product, thank you!

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