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3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer - Sports Mode

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  • Upgraded Compatibility & 3.0 iSteady TechL This 3-axis action camera gimbal delivers hyper-smooth footage no matter how heavy is the action. This 3.0 iSteady stabilizer helps to capture more dynamic details for your high-quality videos. 
  • Sports Mode & Ergonomic Design: This GoPro gimbal stabilizer features sports mode by its trigger button that will fast follow any movements. 30 beveled angeled roller makes sure the scenes on the camera screen always in your sight, in order to improve the availability of your video sample without any wastes.
  • Remote Control & One-Clicking Shooting: The Hohem Gimbal APP can reach the effect of remote control, you can adjust the stabilizer parameters, personalize your gimbal as a director to choose multi-operating mode like 6003D Inception Mode, Sports Mode, Time-lapse. Equipped with a wireless control module this gimbal allows you to get video on/off at one click for your GoPro.
  • IPX 4 Water-Resistance & 12 Hours Battery Life: This action camera gimbal meets the criterion of IPX4, that protects the motor from any splashing water at all direction. It has a built-in 3600mAh battery, which supports 12-Hours continuously shooting. 

Customer Reviews

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Its very durable.

Just got this today and I had a few hours to play with it. Even though I've set up my gopro7 black on 2.7 and 60 FPS resolution for it to support Hypersmooth stabilization... it's actually even more smooth and leveled with the isteady gimbale. this is great for me relaestate into vidoes since i can't afford a big canon camera yet. this GoPro 7 with the gimble totally compensates for it because it doesn't even look like a GoPro video. i love this gimbal!

Great product for the price

Only that the screw heads for the bracket are small and cumbersome to use. A star shaped head would help. I took the gimbal boarding in Colorado where temps were between 23 and 32 f and no problems with battery life. I had it in a backpack all day and using it with a gopro hero 4. Unfortunately I could not use it as much as I would have because the 5 freshly charged gopro batteries only lasted several minutes some did not work at all. Its easy to know which mode your in based off the mode light flashes and the trigger for 3 axis lock is awesome for boarding and holding a field of view. It held a steady shot the entire time I boarded through black terrain.build quality is good. Not sure how one would hold this when skiing. I would recommend this gimbal for someone who just needs an good gimbal for action cam that can be held in one hand.

Love it! Great product for a great price!

I recently received a GoPro for my birthday & I wanted to buy a stabilizer for it. It came down to me picking between this Hohem stabilizer & Feiyutech’s stabilizer. I looked up reviews & watched YouTube videos of comparisons & I eventually decided on buying the Hohem stabilizer. I absolutely love this thing! Out of the box it comes with a durable case, the stabilizer (which was charged at 75%), a few chargers, as well as the tripod mount. The material seems to be pretty durable to me as well. I have yet to use the app but the YouTube videos that I watched make it seem pretty easy to use. Can’t wait to use this baby at it’s full potential! This was such a great buy for a great price, would recommend for anyone trying to buy a stabilizer for their action camera.

Highly recommend

This product is AMAZING! After doing a bunch of research looking for a Gimbal for my GoPro 7, I finally took the plunge to purchase this product. First off, it is very affordable. In my hands, the gimbal feels very sturdy and somewhat light. There are buttons on the handle for easy operations but you can also operate it through your phone. I love how it comes with a carrying case and you can leave your GoPro in the gimbal while it’s packed in the case. It also comes with a removable tripod so you can have it standing. You get 2 adapters, one for charging the gimbal and one to charge your action camera through the gimbal. My GoPro 7 already has a stabilizer feature but adding the gimbal makes my video look even more stabilized and smooth. It comes with an instruction booklet to help you maneuver through the different modes. It’s well written and easy to read. I am so happy I purchased this item to help take my video skills to the next level. I highly recommend this product to anyone out there who wants better stabilization and better video quality.

Awesome Gimbal!!

Great device. Love how easy it is to use, even without the app. I have not tried using the app at all because it does what I need it to do just using the buttons on the gimbal. Holds my GoPro Hero 2018 with no issues and allows me to open the side door and use an external mic as well as plug it directly into the gimbal for charging while mounted. Love it. Will be messing with the time lapse movement function within the app here soon. For now I'm just having to much fun shooting quality, stabil video.

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