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60” Phone Tripod

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  • All-in-One Selfie Stick & Tripod: This phone tripod is supporting both portrait and landscape shooting for your photos. It can even be used as a desktop webcam stand or video tripod to get the perfect preferred angle, perfect for vloggers on the go.
  • Extendable & Lightweight Selfie Stick: This aluminum alloy camera tripod can extend the length between 18.2" - 60" for more intimate shots and wider angles, allowing you to catch more scenery in every picture. With a standard 1/4" screw thread at the bottom, it is attachable to any regular sized DSRL camera, GoPro, and smartphone.
  • 360 Adjustable Angle: The cell phone tripod provides a 360-shooting perspective. Capture the perfect shooting by adjusting the position of the ball head. You can simply take horizontal or vertical photos by rotating the phone clamp and selecting the cellular mode.

Customer Reviews

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Very handy for mounting phone/camera in a non-obstructive manner

I like this tripod for the fact that it doesn't have three long feet like conventional tripod. It's legs are at the base only while the rod extends out. The base legs are sturdy enough to hold the weight. This occupies very less space and less obstructive and less risky that somebody accidentally striking it unlike regular tripods.Bluetooth camera remote for phones is nice add on.

Versitile and Easy to Use! Awesome Product

This will be my go-to for travel tripods when I am not using my DSLR. This works perfect for smartphone cameras as both a selfie stick and a tripod, and it works great with my small digital camera and GoPro. While it will not be sturdy enough for my DSLR camera, for quick snapshots it is an excellent option. It is lightweight, easy to transport and carry (will fit in a small backpack or large purse), and it sets up quickly. The bluetooth remote is a great way for group shots and is a pleasant addition to the package.I highly recommend this product. And delivered it with Prime delivery within two days at Christmas! Overall, this is a great value for a handy little tripod/selfie stick. Five stars!


Came as described. I’m able to position it anywhere without issue. Remote control questionable as it does not always work.

REMOTE IS TINY don’t lose it like I did �

Very easy to use especially with the phone holder attachment and remote control, that you should clip on to your keys or something so you don’t drop it and lose it on your hike like I did. We were so glad we had this on our trip to take pictures together rather than trying to prop our phone on a rock or just take individual photos. Also fit perfectly in my backpack being so compact and had an extra attachment for an actual camera.

Easy to Use & Very Sturdy Tripod and Selfie t pl

I really like how versatile and easy to use this product is! Tripod feels very sturdy, and has some weight to it. Easy to expand, and very self-explanatory set-up. The 10 inch Ring Light illuminates subjects very well. Wish it had a cloth cover to protect it (like some of the other products from this company.) Bonus points for the adaptor that actually plugs into a wall (instead of USB.) A little bulky for a selfie, since you fold up the end of the tripod, and extend it out. However, it does allow for firm grip this way. Phone holder holds your phone steady in place. Blue Tooth Remote Shutter works great! Paired easily with an iPhone 11. And it has a button for Android Phones as well. Button works for selfies, video , slo-mo, etc. The exception is panarama shots (but it you were using it as a selfie stick, you could use it to start it, and then move the stick to get the full image. Great product!

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