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Condenser Recording Microphone - Dual Layer Filter

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  • 3.5mm Plug and Play- Easy to use, you can connect your phone or computer directly to a 3.5 mm jack with the cable. No additional converters needed, real plug and play. If your headphone jack is not 3.5mm please add a converter into 3.5mm, then our microphone can be used on your device. 
  • MINI Condenser Microphone- The mic is specially designed for radio studios, dubbing, podcasting, recording, gaming, MSN, Skype, and conference chatting. 
  • Perfect Sound Quality- The pickup mode minimize background noise, isolated from the main sound source. Capture the sound from sources that are directly in front of the mic.
  • Dual-Layer Filter - Tabletop microphone mount comes with a professional dual-layer acoustic filter to prevent from popping and improve vocal recording quality.

Customer Reviews

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I Love This, better than expected

The assembly was a bit complicated, but now that I've figured it out I'm very happy. I personally am a singer so I use it more for that, but sometimes I just record audio for Youtube videos with a friend, and whatever you're using this mic for, it works great. It's small for pretty easy storage when not using, I keep it in my desk drawer. The sound quality is amazing, and I couldn't be happier.


Super great! I got this for recording books and the sound quality is fantastic! Nice and small can’t ask for better for the price!

Clear sound!

I love this mic it makes my voice so clear I am in loveeeee!!!! I was very impressed with the clarity and sound quality especially for the price!!


I liked the size of it. It’s not exaggerated and the sound is amazing. It brings the needed cables and the quality for the price is great. It fits on my small desk and it looks very professional

Good item

After using over 10 days, still working great, and i had a lot of fun play with this Mic. Also it’s good item for my daughter to sing a songs, having fun at home

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