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Kids Telescope - 2 Replaceable Eyepieces

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  • Quality Optics: 400mm (f/5.7) focal length and 70mm aperture, fully coated optics glass lens with high transmission coatings creates stunning images and protection for your eyes. The perfect telescope for astronomers to explore stars and the moon.
  • Magnification: Come with two replaceable eyepieces and one 3x Barlow lens. 3x Barlow lens trebles the magnifying power of each eyepiece. 5x24 finderscope with mounting bracket and cross-hair lines inside make locating objects easily.
  • Wireless Remote: Includes one smartphone adapter and one wireless camera remote to explore the nature of the world easily through the screen and take amazing celestial images.
  • Adjustable Tripod: This telescope allows for many different viewing positions with an adjustable aluminum alloy tripod and a carry bag, the telescope and tripod can fit inside the bag for easy traveling and storage.

Customer Reviews

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Easy and fun! Pictures do no justice! �

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. The idea of getting a telescope has always crossed my mind, but I just didn’t know if it was going to be worth it and/or if I would even know how to use it, since I haven’t touched a telescope probably since high school (and I really know nothing about astronomy or telescopes.) But we have a gorgeous view of the sky from our balcony, especially at night with all the stars! So I decided to go ahead and give this guy a shot. Especially it being quarantine and all, being stuck inside, it was really was the perfect time. When it arrived, I read and followed through the instructions, I also watched a few YouTube videos to understand how to work everything and figure out what all the parts ate for. I did a little research, played around with it during the day, practiced with zooming and focusing on the trees and things. And then BAM! Tonight there was a strawberry moon, I got so excited that when I grabbed the telescope to set it up, I almost sent it flying down three stories off my balcony.. �‍♀️ BUT! Here you go! I got some pretty cool shots of the strawberry moon! Yay!I will say that practicing with the telescope during the day a few times and getting familiar with how it works really helped a lot, Becuase once the moon showed up, I was able to find it right away, zoom, focus, and then just snap away! (Just make sure not to to aim your telescope on trees near your neighbors.. Becuase if you do, they will give you dirty looks..�)Also, the pictures do no justice! Looking through the telescope in person is wayyyy more beautiful and so many more details that the camera just did not catch! �

Had so much fun play w it

Such a great product. More than just a average astronomical telescope! Still playing around w it. Didn’t expect coming with free phone holder. Loving it

Great beginner telescope for the Price!!

Great beginner telescope for my son and daughter!! They are obsessed with the solar system as of late, but we also use it to watch birds and deer in our backyard.Being able to also hook it up to a phone really helps my younger one see vs trying to get her to close one eye and peep into the telescope end. Overall, pretty impressed with the purchase and how sturdy it is for the price. Even comes with a great carry case to pack it all nicely away when not in use! Would totally recommend it for anyone with little kids interested in getting into telescopes!

Happy Mom

My 15 yr old son absolutely loves this telescope! It was easy to assembly, it’s worth every dollar!

Excellent Telescope!

I bought this for my 7 year old son and now we both love it! We have been looking closely at the Moon and stars. Its a great telescope! We have been able to take pictures with our phone as well of the views!

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