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10" Selfie Ring Light

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  • Flawless Glow - Our perfectly sized 10" ring light has a design that will instantly make you look 10 years younger. Its advanced convex lens brings you a brighter, more even image, so you can say goodbye to those black spots you see with low-quality lights.
  • Look Good Standing Up or Sitting Down - Supported by a high-quality tripod that expands to 60" to 74" with the ring. This ring light allows you to direct light downwards even when standing for that natural daylight look. The tripod easily collapses to 17 inches (or any size between 17" and 60"), so you can set the selfie light up at your desktop, tabletop, or makeup station.
  • Dual Phone Holders & 360 Adjustment - This ring light comes with two phone holders so you can mount your phone in the center or below the circle. The gooseneck phone holder has 180-degree flexibility and the ball head has 360-degree adjustability to ensure you look your best at any angle.
  • 3 Lighting Modes w/ 10 Brightness Settings - Equipped with three custom lighting options (daylight, warm, or white) and ten brightness intensity levels. This all-in-one technology provides a professional-quality, soft, nearly shadow-free, clean spread of light for photography, video recording, Zoom conferences, live streaming, selfies, and more.

Customer Reviews

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i dont normally write reviews but i had to put yall ON with this one ! ! the price is outstanding and everything included is such great quality. a ringlight and a tripod for 22-25$??? i got this product when it first came out(sept 27 or 28)/ when there were no reviews on it so i was skeptical on buying it since i thought it was a scam. and i bought this other tripod in the past and it didn't extend all the way out for my phones width so i was trying to find a new one. this one didn't mention anything about width (or at least at the time i was reading it) but i just thought that ill see how it fits when i do receive it. and it did fit my i phone xr and there was room for a bigger width phone. i dont know if any of u struggled with this in the past but the phone does not fall off at all. and the ring light is amazing too it looks like you have a beauty filter on �(im pretty white and i used the sunkissed warm setting on 100%)

Easy assembly

Wow. I was skeptical at first, but this product is great for the price. So easy to put together. Different light settings available. The Bluetooth remote paired instantly to my phone. They even through in an extra battery. How cool. Definitely recommend

Bought it on faith and for the price? Amazing!

As others have said, I thought it was a scam or it'd be a super cheap product because the price was so low for all of the features that it offers. I figured I buy it on faith and if it was awful, I could just return it. I assembled it fairly quickly and to my surprise, everything worked splendidly. This is on the taller side compared to other ring lights that are even $10 more expensive. I don't think I was even aware it had cool + warm lights as an option. I've shown it off to other people who want to purchase it but unfortunately it's been unavailable for awhile. I urge the team to put out more, I know at least a dozen people who want it for the same price!

Awesome right light for selfies.

I purchased a Radiance 10’ ring light with tripod. I received mine in 2 days. It’s so easy to assemble. It came with 2 camera holders and a selfie remote control. It’s light weight yet sturdy. There are 3 different shades and adjustable brightness. Though I wish it gets little more brighter but overall I’m happy with the purchase.

Overall Outstanding

A word of advice. Put the knob screw through that side that DOESN’T have the lug nut to attach the ring light. (The lug nut is the receiver of the knob screw) I felt like a dunce when the seller sent me a video showing me how it was supposed to be done.It’s a great light! I love the different light colors and levels of light. I’m still working in figuring out the remote, but that’s a user error.Outstanding product for the price and great/speedy customer service if you have an issue.GET ONE!!

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