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10" Selfie Ring Light - 17" Long

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  • Great Lighting: RGB ring light in addition to the white light, warm light, and natural light of traditional ring lights, also has 8 RGB color mixing modes with 1 fast flash mode, 10-level brightness dimming suitable for various scenarios, whether it is video recording, photography, makeup, or other platforms. Equipped with powerful lighting, and color-changing functions.
  • High-quality Tripod: This RGB ring light kit uses an upgraded tripod stand, the tripod adopts a new manufacturing process, which has a matte texture, equipped with a weighted tripod base to increase stability.  The storage length is only 17" and the unfolded length is up to 52"
  • Solve Your Selfie Problem: The RGB ring light kit has a rotatable gooseneck phone holder and Bluetooth selfie remote control. The cell phone holder is up to 3.5inch wide and you can adjust the selfie angle. The Bluetooth selfie remote control allows your phone to shoot remotely. 

Customer Reviews

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Best ring light I’ve ever purchased !!!!!

Great gift! Especially for teens

My daughter LOVES this! I want one now

Absolutely Perfect

Its absolutely wonderful. Everything works perfectly. It has a bluetooth remote for taking pictures and a remote for the light. It has several light colors and different modes....flashing lights, revolving lights and light combos. I love it

Great but terrible

It was great and very bright and it is tall enough and easy to build but when I was trying to move the phone holder thing it kept on breaking but you can put it back on and then when I barley touched the light to move it fell off and broke but you can fix it but after you fix it you can’t move the light part at all other than that it was great

Pretty cool

This is a really cool light-in a teenagers bedroom kind of way. I'm not sure just how practical some of modes are, but they are sure fun to look at. In a sense, this is just a round version of the phone sized video lights that are all the rage right now. It also has some of the features that one finds in the LED strip lights that are offered for mood lighting. The only thing missing is the phone app. I wondered if the picture in the description was legitimate, showing multiple colors on the ring at the same time. Well, it is. The colors will "chase" each other around the ring, and you have 3 possible speed settings. There is a plain white strobe effect, single color chasing effects, color fade effects and others. And, don't forget, this still works as a normal white ring light with the usual 3 color temperature choices. You can't make up your own colors-you can see what is offered by looking at the picture of the remote. They are pretty true, except the yellow is more green than yellow, but that seems to be pretty standard for these LED mixing type lights.This ran just fine off my USB battery bank, making it the ultimate in portability. Try as I might, I could not get the light remote to miss fire. It seemed to work in any position, even facing away from the light, hidden by my body. If you leave it plugged in, it will return to the previous color mode when power cycled. If you unplug it, it will always start with plain white when restarted.Being a 10 inch light, it is just barely adequate for YouTube lighting, and the stand, though mostly metal, is quite light weight (I wouldn't call it "weighted" as advertised) and doesn't go very tall or have a very large base. It has a mini ball head (metal!) to connect to the stand vs. the usual light stand socket, and the goose neck socket is a standard 1/4 inch thread, so other fittings can be used there. The light itself is also metal, not plastic, and the diffuser is very effective, hiding the individual LED's well. You won't be mistaking this for a professional 18 inch ring light, but for the price, it really is a good value for what it is. I'm thinking this will offer some special effects for soap bubble or crystal ball photography. Besides offering the base option of a monochrome ring light, I'm sure this will be fun to play with in all sorts of ways. Certainly recommended for all creatives.Please consider clicking "helpful" if I have aided your purchase decision.

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