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67'' Phone Tripod

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  • Amazing Maximum Height to 67" - With a minimum storage space of 20", it is easy to carry when traveling, hiking, or camping. Fully Extendable to 67"
  • Selfie Stick Tripod & Phone Tripod Stand: Switch freely between selfie stick mode and tripod stand mode. The tripod is applicable to any situation such as video shooting, group photos, vlogging, adventuring, and taking selfies. Plus, it works in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Strong and Sturdy: Made of highly-durable aluminum-alloy material with stainless steel, ABS plastic, designed with a base locking knob in the center to prevent tilting or wobbling. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great size

I was too excited for this. Finally I could take pictures of my family without paying a photographer for pictures I didn't even like. (Bad experiences the last couple times). We didn't practice out first time around, every single picture was out of focus and blurry. Lesson learned though, we will give it more chances. The height is excellent, and connects to camera no problem. Hoping for better results once the user error is corrected ;p

Sturdy and versatile Tripod.

Great tripod! Used it for selfies and did 3 timelapse exposures at the beach and it stood up well to the beach breeze! Well packed and can be adjusted to various lengths and hold nearly any size phone. It even has a GoPro holder.

Quality Phone Cam Tripod Set for the Price

I bought this primarily to shoot steadier photos and videos with my phone for upload to streaming platforms. The item arrived in good shape and works as advertised.Bluetooth remote:Connected right away on my Android phone, and worked seamlessly with my standard camera app.Tripod:The tripod is light and sturdy, and has a good hold on my phone.Selfie stick:It's important to note that there's not a *separate* selfie stick. They did word the product title appropriately, and really I was only on the market for the tripod, and this was still competitively priced. So I'm not describing a separate product selfie stick here, but reviewing the tripod's function as a selfie stick. As a selfie stick, the collapsed tripod legs as a handle actually help me stabilize my grip somewhat compared to just a round grip. It's a tad unwieldy if you have a hefty-ish phone and you fully extend the stick, but that's physics and not a product flaw. I can't think of a moment I'd need to take a selfie from 6 feet away anyway :)

Very light weight and slightly flimsy

Upon opening I was a little disappointed at how flimsy and delicate the phone mount plastic is. I feel this may break if the stand is knocked over. The stand itself is very light weight and all the latches work perfectly so I would say it’s a nice stand. The Bluetooth remote control works perfectly as well. No real gripes. I’m happy everything works as expected. I feel I have to be careful With the phone mount piece though. Nuff’ said.

Product good seller eh ok

Review is for the tripod, for the price point it us great. Stable versatile compact easy to set up quickly. Great tripod.My first order arrived without the remote, contacted the seller and they would not send remote i had to return the order. This is fine if that is policy , but person kind of made me feel i was trying to weasel a free remote.Almost ordered a different one from another seller because of that but i liked the tripod so i tried again, received one with remote shipped next day im happy with the tripod.

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