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51” Phone Tripod

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  • Stable & Reliable - Similar to the professional camera tripod, the tripod legs stretch out from the top and unfold up to 15" away from the vertical center, it is stable enough to support the heaviest smartphones or small cameras up to 2.2 lbs.
  • Compact & Lightweight - Weighs only 1.05 lbs, the tripod can be folded to 16" short to slip into your suitcase or backpack, plus a portable travel bag makes it very suitable for outdoor and travel shooting.
  • 3-Way Pan Head with Level Bubble - It has separate lock controls for every movement of the head, panning, tilting, and movement from horizontal to vertical camera orientation. With a convenient handle and built-in bubble level for smooth panning, it helps get an amazing panorama every time.
  • Adjustable Height with Flip Lock - 4 sections column legs with quick release lever-locks allows you to adjust the working height from 16" to 50" in seconds, it is fast to set up/take down and will fit various shooting environments and photographic needs.
  • Universal Phone Mount & Bluetooth Remote - The spring-loaded phone holder can extend up to 3.94" to fit most smartphones with a case. The wireless remote pairs with your mobile via Bluetooth so you can take photos/video from 30ft away.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Perfect Light Tripod!!

I have several tripods and THIS is by far the go to now for needing something lightweight and easy to use for my iPhone. It is not as strong/ sturdy as my more expensive tripod, but that is not why I bought this one. It is light and easy to use. Great for iPhone and/or travel tripod for weight restrictions in baggage. Small case that easily fits into a backpack. Great tripod and great value!

My best travel companion!

I bought this tripod for an upcoming trip I had. I travel solo a lot so it’s imperative to have a trusty tripod that is compatible with my phone so I don’t have to depend on strangers to take my pictures. I’m so happy with this purchase. I was in a very windy place and the tripod stood its ground. It is sturdy, reliable and my best friend during my travels. I love that you can adjust the height on each individual leg, which is great for uneven surfaces. I also love that the head can swivel and you can take both portrait and landscape pictures. The Bluetooth remote works perfectly. I never had an issue with lost connectivity. I am sad to say that I lost the remote on the last day of my trip. I had to use the phone timer which was not as convenient.

Wonderful platform for digitally videoing

I'm not any kind of professional videographer, but in recording on Facebook Live our Sunday morning preaching, especially with the virus nowadays, we have been using a selfie stick with tripod legs. Really insufficient. A much needed upgrade by using this Ubeesize tripod. Currently just using a Pixel 3a XL. but the tripod makes the use of the phone in recording video so much better. Good quality tripod, especially for a beginner! God bless you!

Nice color

Very pretty color tripod. I use this with my iPhone Xr and it holds it just fine. It is difficult to get an accurate holding position as the grip tends to adjust on its own after tightening the screws but if you don't tighten it too much it will hold where you want it. I like this tripod a lot for product photography.

Worked perfectly! Would recommend to anyone!

We got this tripod to help do our family photos. We used it this past weekend to capture some of the fall foliage, and it was PERFECT! The stand is sturdy holding my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with the cellphone adapter. It is a breeze to setup and take done once finished, and the little carry pouch is pretty good as well. Overall I would not hesitate recommending this tripod to anyone!

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