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Phone Tripod - 10"

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  • The Most Portable and Compact Tripod: The compact flexible legs can easily wrap around bicycles, poles, and branches, or you can grab it as a selfie stick. Weighing only 150g and standing at 10", this tripod is portable and compact.
  • Portrait & Landscape Mode Possible: Rotating the side knob, the ball head can be tilted 90-degrees easily, plus you can take photos or videos with wireless remote control from a distance of up to 30-feet.
  • Functional Accessories: Comes with a wireless remote (compatible with all cell phones), a universal phone holder (works for cellphones up to 3.54 inch wide).

Customer Reviews

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Good buy

I've had this for a few weeks now. The tripod is easy to use and has worked well with my iPhone in wrapping the legs around various objects to get different angles and views. The remote did not work properly out of the box, it would take one picture then the Bluetooth connection would drop. I emailed UBeeSize at customercare@ubeesize.com and they responded the same day and were shipping a replacement remote. A few days later I had the new remote in hand and verified it worked properly. So, despite the initial problem, I would rate this as a good buy and the company provides excellent support.

As I wanted

This is perfect to keep on my desk and do video recording. I also use it as a bike phone holder. It is very useful to record video as well as for navigation while riding the bike. It>can hold mobile phone in both landscape and portrait mode,>compatible with 1-4 camera holder.>flexible, yet strongBut, its length is constant. You can bend as you like, but its length is constant. You can not contract and stretch its length.


This tripod bends whichever way is needed and securely holds a phone in a case. Plus it has a separate attachment for a camera, and a remote. Much less clunky looking than in the picture too. I had sent my first choice (different brand) back because it was too flimsy and the phone was directed at the ceiling. This one is just right for zoom calls/video conferences.

Best customer service I’ve dealt with and great product!

Customer service is top notch. I don’t write reviews very often, however, for this one I promised I would because of what they did for me. I ordered one for a Christmas present and it came smelling like a box of perfume was knocked over and smelled up the whole product to the point I would be embarrassed to give it to my niece. I contacted customer service before doing anything else and they emailed me back literally within 2 hours on a weekend! They immediately delivered me a new one and it was perfect! My niece loved every aspect of it including being able to use it to mount her phone or her action camera to it and use the remote control with her phone. Great product and excellent customer service. I wish every company were like them and put the customer first! Great job! And no I’m not affiliated with them - I hate those reviews.

Great product!

100% love this product. I tried 2 other similar phone holder/gorilla grip tripods of the last 2 years, and the others all broke very easily. This is by far the best I've bought - the legs are much more durable and made/covered in a soft bendable material, unlike the others that had sectioned plastic legs that broke off easily. I wish I had known about/bought this one from the beginning. Great product, esp for the price!

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