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Condenser Recording Microphone - 3 Legged Base

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  • Easy To Use: Simply plug it into the USB port and select it as your input in the software setting. There is no need to install software, just plug and play, then you can use this advanced microphone to chat, podcast, or sing. Please Note: It is not compatible with phones and Xbox.
  • Clear Sound Quality: The Pro-grade condenser microphone for premium audio performance and smooth, accurate capture of the source audio. The smooth, flat frequency response of 20Hz-20KH and extended frequency response is excellent for singing, speech, and instruments.
  • Quality Accessories: High-speed USB Cable lengths up to 1.5m with no loss. The detachable set can be carried anywhere. This PC microphone stand features a 3-legged base that retracts and folds up easily for convenient storage. The double nylon net microphone wind screen pop filter helps you against plosion and popping to get your best vocal recordings. The 360-degree flexible gooseneck provides adjustment of any angle or position.

Customer Reviews

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Works well for gaming

This microphone works extremely well for gaming and recording. Super easy to set up, you just plug it in and it will connect automatically. I can hear my voice clearly and although there was background noise I could easily filter it out using Audacity. Highly recommended for the price. An incredible value!

Clear mic for a great price.

So I had been wanting to buy a desktop mic to replace some broken Logitech headphones I had been using for a while. They always had great audio quality and the mic was excellent.Well I decided on this mic because of the design, price and size.I am extremely happy with this mic. It was an immediately noticeable difference to my interim headset I had been using in place of my broken ones. Super clear audio recording, it has excellent range and doesn't need to be right under you nose to work.It comes with a decently long USB cable(2-3ft), directly attached.Pop Filter (fairly small)Adjustable (rotation) stand (has rubber feet to prevent movement)I wish this particular set came with the adjustable arm, but most of the other comparable mics that did were an additional $20-40, so there's that. It does seem to pick up computer fan noise if really close to the tower/exhaust. So make sure there is enough distance from your computer or people may hear your fans.One negative about the mic is the USB connection point feels loose, like if it fell off my desk it could possible yank out the connection at the base of the mic. - Hasn't been an issue since using it. Hoping it stays that way. Updating to 5 stars for now.Another not so negative but worth mentioning: the 'holding mechanism' on the base is basically two rubber bands that kind of 'cradle' the mic. This may be by design but it feels like cheap/cheesy to me. I've never had this type of desktop mic before but I feel like a silicone sleeve could have been more sufficient and given it a premium feel.Overall for $40 on this solid desk mic, I am happy.If you find it on sale for less than that, grab it.

Great sounding mic!

This mic is great and easy to set up!Since a lot of my classes are going online, I figured having a good microphone would be essential. I was absolutely right!This mic has great sound quality. The pop filter helps ensure the recording is clear and crisp. There's the slightest background "fuzz," but a quick audio filter takes all that away. I'm assuming that "fuzz" noise is from my computer fans. My voice is picked up with a clarity I'm not sure I've ever heard before.The setup for this microphone was about as easy at it gets. I'm not sure how mac or Linux users will fair, but windows recognized it instantly. All I had to do was plug it in and set it as my default recording device. No issues at all.The build quality seems pretty good! The microphone itself is quite dense-almost unexpectedly so. The mic is held in the stand by rubber vibration dampeners that seem to work just fine. The stand has an adjustable tilt, but no adjustable height. The tripod feet fold and unfold neatly if you choose to transport this somewhere.My one complaint for this mic would the little rubber feet on the tripod. They have a tendency to fall off if I pick up the stand and move it. A little bit glue and all is well with the world. It's such a small issue, it wouldn't affect my recommending this mic at all.Overall this microphone was one of my better purchase decisions. I absolutely love how it sounds, and I find myself using it for more than just essential school meetings now.Would definitely recommend.

Solidly Built Mid-price Microphone

I have been working from home more lately and needed a better microphone than the laptops built in mike. The first mike I purchased plugged in to the computer. Since my HP laptop only has a headphone jack there were compatibility issues with getting that to work. The solution was to get a USB mike. The XIIVIO Condenser Mike was a perfect choice. It was truly plug and play.The cord is around four feet long so there is plenty of flexibility for where to place the mike on your desk. The mike itself is very adjustable. The tripod swivels and the mike can be moved up and down. The nice thing about moving the mike up and down is that the joint is tight enough that no matter where you set it, the mike stays perfectly in place. This mike is fairly heavy, which is a plus. It is solid enough to take a little abuse and also won't slid around or topple when nudged. A number of the components of the mike are metal which is a real plus.For meeting use this mike worked very well. The foam mike cover and the sound shield did a good job filtering out background noises. My coworkers said that the volume was loud and clear. What more could you ask for? Its' built like a tank and provides good sound quality.


For the price, i dont understand how this microphone is so freaking good. It feels and looks a little cheap compared to pricier studio mics but if you can get past that the sound quality is insane. Ive been told in my discord and streams that i should do asmr vids with this mic because its so clear lolPros:-Clarity that makes blue yeti sound like a tin can with a string in comparison-Plug and Play. at least with windows 10. plugged it in and it was instantly recognized by all of my programs and streaming platforms-Compact design means its easy to maneuver even on a cramped desk.-The tripod it comes with is super strong and stable though i opted for an aftermarket boom stand.-Cant beat the priceCons-Looks kinda cheap-Absolutely zero background noise cancellation natively. It will pick up a pin dropping in the next room. Not ideal if youre making music or streaming in a busy household but can be cleaned up slightly with 3rd party software.-Usb cable is not removable from the mic. Meaning if you need a longer connection youll need to buy a usb extender and it is not compatible with standard studio mic connections youd find on control decks and amplifiers though most midi controllers and the like have usb connections these days anyways if you cant run it straight into your pc.All in all,if clarity is more important to you than sound cancellation, 100% get this mic. If you need something to blur out everything except whats being spoken directly into the mic, you may want to look elsewhere. Idk definitely the best budget mic out there.

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