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Monocular Telescope - 211 Feet FOV

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  • 12X50 HD High Power Monocular Telescope: This monocular telescope provides 12x magnification with a 50mm objective diameter wide lens, and a wide field of view (211ft/1000yards).
  • High Contrast and Resolution Images: The zoom telescope is equipped with a BAK-4 prism and a fully multi-coated lens, guaranteeing superior light transmission and brightness. The light transmission reaches up to 99.5% visibility. An adjustable eyecup also allows you to twist up and down easily and rapidly for optimal viewing even while wearing glasses.
  • Single Hand Focus, Waterproof & Fog proof: The ergonomic design (5.7''x2.1''x1.7'') helps you focus on your target quickly and accurately with one hand. The durable rubber outer with rubber grips makes it comfortable to use and prevents it from slipping out of your hands. Nitrogen-filled waterproof with a fog-resistant coating and O-ring sealed optics prevent moisture, dust, and debris helping to keep the lens clear all the time.

Customer Reviews

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Small but sturdy

This has a nice 10x zoom. It’s easy to see and operate with your naked eyes. Trying to get it lined up with your phone camera is tricky and took some time to get set up, but did work well once it was set up. I discovered the amount of zoom you choose on your iPhone depends on each specific camera lens, so you may need to experiment with which camera lens to place the monocular over- if you place it on the wrong lens it’ll either be black or you’ll see a smaller view hole with black around it. I would recommend this for less active shots- it would be difficult to track moving subjects. But it comes with a nice case and feels very sturdy!

Great product!!

The body of the monocular is built by hard rubber, has a good feeling of touch and is perfect to put in backpack while no hurt anything else. Focusing can be done quickly with one finger, either left or right handed. There are many compact monoculars to choose from. Many less expensive and many more expensive. I am glad I got this one.

Monocular delivers as promised; clearly magnifies images a mile or more off in the distance!

We love our new super light weight Viajero monocular! Our Viajero monocular delivers everything you'd expect from a much bigger telescope, yet it's compact, lightweight and super easy to use. We also enjoy the tripod that came with the monocular which eliminates any residual movement associated with the image we're enjoying. The set up to connect our smart phone to the monocular is also extremely helpful in further magnifying the images we enjoy looking at from extended distances. EXCELLENT PRODUCT! We'll definitely purchase from this seller again and again!Bill D.Clarkston, Michigan

Cool mini telescope

This little telescope is pretty cool to use with your phone or by itself as a single binocular! It zooms in pretty easy and the clarity is amazing! Took a little use to using with the phone but once you get the hang of it, not a big deal at all. I love that this comes with its own tripod and carrying bag to protect it when not in use. Nice little light weight gadget to use when in the woods, sporting events etc. when you need to see something up close.

Monocular telescope

Super idea for your personal phone, the magnification is clear. Brings your subject up and close for taking a great picture. I wish there were more detailed instructions, other then that a great product.

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