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Condenser Recording Microphone - Plug & Play

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  • Easy To Use: Simply plug it into the USB port and select it as your input in the software setting. There is no need to install software, just plug and play, then you can use this advanced microphone to chat, podcast, or sing. Please Note: It is not compatible with phones and Xbox.
  • Clear Sound Quality: The Pro-grade condenser microphone for premium audio performance and smooth, accurate capture of the source audio. The smooth, flat frequency response of 50Hz-16KHz and extended frequency response is excellent for singing, speech, and instruments.
  • Quality Accessories: High-speed USB Cable lengths up to 1.5m with no loss. The detachable set can be carried anywhere. This PC microphone stand features a 3-legged base that retracts and folds up easily for convenient storage. The double nylon net microphone wind screen pop filter helps you against plosion and popping to get your best vocal recordings. The 360-degree flexible gooseneck provides adjustment of any angle or position.

Customer Reviews

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Easy set up and great sound

Easy set up and great sound

Wow what a great microphone! Clear voice, works great!

Wow I was surprised of the quality! The voice is clear. Easy to use just plug in the USB. If you have any type of podcast or recordings that you need to do, this is your product! Highly recommended. Try it out and you will love it!


Used to play game with my friends. Pretty good product and easy to install. The sound is clear, everything is fine. Really good shopping experience. I would recommend this to my friend.

Good reception

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Excellent condition professional microphone for online chatting gaming. I bought this mic to free myself from wearing a earphone for long time and it worked great.

Great Microphone

This product is a nice looking high quality microphone. It can be connected to my computer and laptop easily through the USB portal. The base is very sturdy, so it can stand on my desk rigidly. Setup is easy on my devices. Sound quality is very satisfying.

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